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CEO Message

ZENS International Co., Ltd.

Established in 2012, the company was made to develop and produce, as well as distribute cosmeceutical products to protect, treat,
and maintain healthy skin.
The term “Cosmeceutical” refers to the combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals; the combination of ingredients with proven efficacy
with cosmetics. While cosmetics only have the concept of temporary enhancements of outer appearance, cosmeceutical products focus on
treatments to help your skin be beautiful from within.
Our company currently produces and supplies medical devices and cosmeceutical products to many countries around the world.
It is a brand that takes customers back to the most beautiful moments in their lives.
Based on professional knowledge in the beauty industry, we will show you products with worry-free ingredients and
efficient age-reversing solutions.
Participating in major overseas exhibitions, we will accurately identify the needs of the beauty market that changes rapidly.
With that, we will constantly make efforts to create new beauty trends to renumerate customers with a happier life.
Thank you.

CEO Brian Lee



CPNP, SCPN, EAC certified


ISO22716:2007 certified


Registration of cosmetics manufacturing and sales license


Registration of cosmetics manufacturing license


Registration of medical device sales license


Established ZENS International Co., Ltd.